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Structural Consultants provides a one-stop resource to put builders, owner builders, subcontractors and residential home builders in touch with some of the best structural engineers in Sydney. Find an engineer below for structural engineering inspections, structural design and advisory services and more in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors across NSW.

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TYPES OF Structural Engineer Services

Structural & Civil Engineer Design & Advice

Cost-effective & safe structural engineering design and advice is paramount to the successful completion of your project. Find out more about the structural & civil design services that your Structural Engineer can typically offer.

Structural & Civil Engineer Inspections, Reports & Certification

Independent Civil & Structural engineer inspections and reporting services are recommended for new and existing building projects being built throughout Sydney NSW. Find out more about the services an engineer can typically provide.

Structural & Civil Engineer for New Homes & Developments

If you’re ready to build your new home, it’s important to engage the services of a qualified Structural consulting engineer that can often offer safe and cost effective engineered solutions for your project.

Structural & Civil Engineer for Home Renovations & Additions

Whether you’re taking out structural walls to create more open living spaces or adding a new level to accommodate a growing family, engaging a professional structural engineer consultant is a critical step towards successful project completion.


The Structural Consultants directory puts you in touch with some of the top consulting structural engineers in Sydney. No matter the scale or complexity of the project you have, Structural Consultants will point you in the right direction.

Our website brings together a number of great engineers across Sydney to help you start your project. Our aim  is to ensure the development of great working relationships between clients and engineers. This is what fosters genuine value and loyal repeat customers.

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