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We are a team of experienced structural engineers operating in the Northern Beaches. Our scope of services include structural design and advice, inspection reports, renovations and new homes and developments.

The Northern Beaches is a coastal region bounded by Sydney Harbour in the south and Broken Bay in the north. With sun-kissed beaches and sprawling parklands, Northern Beaches has some of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in NSW. At Civil and Structural Engineering Design Services, we ensure the design and build of your Northern Beaches home takes full advantage of its location. Our company was formed out of a desire to incorporate elegant architectural design with smart engineering solutions.


Structural Engineering in Northern Beaches

Structural Engineering Excellence In The Northern Beaches

At Civil & Structural Engineering we know that communication is key, so we’re fully committed to working hand in hand with our clients from concept to completion.

Structural Design & Advice

We provide structural design solutions that not only meet Australian Standards but are also tailored to suit our clients’ individual needs. Our expertise extends to residential, commercial and industrial projects of any size.

Inspection Reports & Certifications

We provide a host of inspection services covering all aspects of workmanship and structural soundness that can help you with litigation, rectification options and more.

New Homes & Developments

Our years of experience have allowed us to build mutually beneficial relationships with a network of architects, designers and builders to help you create your ideal home.

Home Renovations & Additions

Whether you need more open space or an additional room, we have the engineering solution to support your renovation project.

Past Projects

Civil and Structural Engineering Design Services Your Northern Beaches Structural Engineers

Civil and Structural Engineering Design Services is committed to delivering the highest quality service in the industry.   Our client-focused approach means we work hand in hand with our client throughout the project. This is how we build repeat business in the Northern Beaches.


We are always looking for new ways to combine engineering principles with the latest building technologies.


We have worked on and completed a wide range of projects, from various home renovation projects to large commercial properties.


Our team of professionals' combined experience and expertise allow us to offer cost-effective solutions that meet our clients' needs.


We are able to manage projects from start to finish giving clients a single, direct point of contact throughout the entire process.

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Divercity, Waterloo

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Woodstack RSL ANZAC Village Narrabea


Structural Inspections and Certification

Collaroy, Sydney

This project involved taking the reigns when the original design engineer decided they didn’t want to continue on the project. We couldn’t leave the builder high and dry, and by the time we got the call, he was really in need.

Our role was to undertake the construction phase inspections, ensuring that the builder was building the house in accordance with the original engineers design. Beyond that, we provided structural advice when the builder was stuck to ensure the project stayed on course.


Strata Inspection Report

Manly, Sydney

This project involved investigating an aged reinforced concrete stair that was showing signs of cracking and spalling. What we found was frightening.

We undertook intrusive investigations to gauge whether the stair could be remediated, or if it was beyond remediation. The steel reinforcement was corroded throughout, which wasn’t surprising given the age of the structure and proximity to the ocean.



Randwick, Sydney

This project in the sandy suburb of Randwick involved a complete strip-out of the existing house to create a home that’s functional for the more open plan way that we currently live. It also involved the addition of a new “East wing” pool, pool deck and pool cabana for the ultimate entertaining house.

ur role was split into portions. Input to ensure the structure of the existing dwelling was not compromised. The design of the “East wing” and entertaining spaces. And the design of the pool supported on screw piles due to the heavy load on the soft sandy foundations.


Structural Design & Advice

Castle Hill, Sydney

In this project, the owners of a factory wanted to understand if they could stack heavier items on one of the suspended concrete slabs in the factory.

Our focus was to check how the structure was working in its existing state to check what would be the ‘weakest link in the chain’ so to speak. Following this we undertook modelling of the structure to ensure it had sufficient strength and serviceability to support the proposed loads.


Waterproofing Inspection Report

Liverpool, Sydney

This project involved investigating the source of water leaking into an apartment building that had been “fixed” several times before.

ocus was to gather all the site and anecdotal evidence available, and undertake water testing to ensure we isolated the exact source of the leaks. Following this we provided a rectification procedure in conjunction with a remedial builder.


Home Renovation with Addition

Belrose, Sydney

This project involved removing the existing roof over part of the house that was single storey so that a second storey could be added and connected to the part of the house that was already two storeys.

Our focus was on the long span floor framing for the second storey addition and ensuring that the existing ground floor structure was sufficiently strong to carry the new loads.


Brand New Home

Wagstaffe, Central Coast.

This project involved the design and documentation of a new-build house nestled in the quaint hillside suburb of Wagstaffe on the NSW Central Coast, overlooking Brisbane Waters.

Our role was the structural design of all elements from the footings up to the roof rafters and everything in between. The open plan living spaces had raised ceilings and exposed hardwood trusses which were designed by us. These exposed structural elements were a real feature.