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We are a Sydney Northern Beaches structural engineering consultancy firm offering structural design and consultant advisory services to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors across the Northern Beaches in Sydney NSW.

Our goal is to integrate good architectural design ideas with structurally sound engineered solutions. The result is significant time and cost savings for our clients.

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  • STRUCTURAL Engineering Excellence - We’re committed to continuous improvement and keep pace with technology, whether it be for engineering analysis, design or documentation. We work as residential structural engineers, and can assist with both civil and structural projects to provide cost effective solutions and advice.
  • Vast Experience - Our years of experience and expertise has earned us a solid reputation as the go-to experts when it comes to developing cost-effective structural designs and providing excellent building inspection reports and certifications. If you're looking for an experienced Sydney structural consulting engineer in the Northern Beaches of Sydney NSW, look no further than Structural Consultants.
  • Team of Expert ENGINEERS - Our engineers are experienced and proficient in all modern construction materials, from concrete, masonry and steel to timber, aluminium and glass. We work with architects and builders to identify structural issues and apply a professional approach to our investigations.
  • End-to-end STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY Service - We stay involved in the projects we work on from the development of designs to the project’s successful completion. Our knowledge and process allow you to achieve the desired architectural design for your residential project or developments.

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