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We are a team of experienced engineering consultants providing a range of services that include structural design and advice, renovations, new builds, inspections and certifications in the Eastern Suburbs.

The district for Sydney’s celebrities, trendsetters and big spenders, the Eastern Suburbs is a fusion of beach life, high-end boutiques and exciting nightlife. Designing for coastal areas such as the Eastern Suburbs presents unique problems such as salt water contributing to a corrosive environment. Congineering has been designing buildings in the Eastern Suburbs and has developed an understanding of the area’s risks and stresses on structures. We aim to integrate elegant architectural design with proven engineering solutions.


Structural Engineering in Eastern Suburbs

Structural Engineering Excellence In The Eastern Suburbs

Congineering has built up its business in the Eastern Suburbs by consistently delivering high quality work. In our practice, technical excellence goes hand in hand with close client communication to ensure the project is carried out on time, within budget and according to spec.

Structural Design & Advice

Our certified engineers always strive to provide cost-effective structural design and documentation while preserving the client's original vision.

Inspection Reports & Certifications

We offer several report and certification services, carried out by insured and experienced consultants, to satisfy applicable building standards, help you with a dispute, a potential purchase or remediation works and more.

New Homes & Developments

Our team has carried out new build projects ranging from granny flats to multi-storey apartments. We're the people to talk to about your new home or development project in the Eastern Suburbs.

Home Renovations & Additions

Whether it’s removing walls to create more open living spaces or adding a new level to sky rocket your property value, Structural Consultants has the expertise to make a difference.

Past Projects

Your Eastern Suburbs Consultant Engineers

Congineering has become known across the Eastern Suburbs for the cost-effective provision of structural design, analysis, reports and certifications. We service the commercial, residential and industrial sectors of Western Sydney with a client-centered approach to doing business.


At Congineering, we believe in continuous training in order to stay ahead of the pack and increase client satisfaction.


Congineering has the capability to undertake a project of any size in the commercial, residential or industrial sector.


We provide smart structural solutions that are not only according to spec but also translate to time and cost savings for our clients.


Our extensive experience enables us to provide clients structural design, engineering, approvals and project management from a one source.

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