Second Storey Additions

A second storey addition not only increases livable space but also improves the value of your home. When consulting an engineer, you need to make sure the design is customised to your needs, looks great and brings light and space into your home.

Why Add a Second Storey?

Are you thinking of expanding your living areas but don’t have the yard space? A second storey addition is the answer. Adding a second level to your home may seem like a huge task, but you’d be surprised how economical this solution can be and how easy and uncomplicated the building process is.

Why You Need A Structural Engineer For Second Storey Additions

Adding a second storey addition to your home involves a change in the structure of your home, hence you will require the services of a structural engineer. A structural engineer will work out the process of applying loads to your home, determine structural actions and select the suitable structural elements to resist the loads and minimise structural movement.

A general rule to know whether or not you should hire an engineer for your project is to assume that anything that requires a change to the structure of your property should be reviewed by a structural engineer – and obviously adding a second storey is a fairly big structural change! A licensed engineer will help you through the process of determining which aspects of your project are in need of engineering services and how best to implement the work you need done.


Council Rules And Regulations

Before even starting the design process, make sure you check in with your local council whether they have height restrictions or requirements.


Do you need to relocate or change the proportions of existing doors or windows? Although an engineer or architect will be able to help you with designing your second storey, you need to consider how existing structures in your home will interact with the new floor. 


Depending on how big or complex the renovation is, you will need to have a clear idea how you will conduct your daily life during construction. You may have to cope with uncomfortable living conditions or find a temporary living space elsewhere for a few days or weeks.

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