Our Past Projects

We provide reliable structural consulting, design and construction support for the most cost effective outcome.

This project involved the design and documentation of a new-build house nestled in the quaint hillside suburb of Wagstaffe…

This project involved removing the existing roof over part of the house that was single storey so that a second storey could be added and connected…

This project involved investigating the source of water leaking into an apartment building that had been “fixed” several times before.

In this project, the owners of a factory wanted to understand if they could stack heavier items on one of the suspended concrete slabs in the factory.

In this project, we stripped out the existing house to create a more open plan way of living and designed a new pool.

For this project, we undertook intrusive investigations to gauge whether an aging reinforced concrete stair could be remediated.

We took over this project from the original design engineer and provided construction phase inspections and structural advice.

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