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Concrete spalling, or concrete cancer as it is sometimes referred to, is caused by the corrosion of steel reinforcing in concrete. Not only is it unsightly but also dangerous as it threatens a structure's ability to safely carry imposed loads.

Concrete Cancer & Spalling RUST REPAIR Engineers

Concrete cancer or concrete spalling can occur as a result of environmental conditions, construction, material or chemical deficiencies in the concrete. Adequate concrete cover provides an alkalytic protection for the steel reinforcing, which prevents the corrosion (rusting) process.

When steel rusts it can expand up to seven times its original size leading to cracking and spalling in the surrounding concrete. As soon as spalling is spotted, it should be properly repaired otherwise the structure becomes weakened and structurally dangerous. Additionally, spalling in visible concrete slabs, walls and building facades can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the structure.

A capable civil / structural should have experience in concrete repair services for commercial and residential buildings across Sydney and NSW, and has worked with private residential clients, commercial clients, property managers and strata companies to identify the cause of concrete defects before undertaking any repairs required. Many repairs often fail due to poor diagnosis and treatment.

how to tell if you have concrete cancer?
What to look out for:

Any concrete cancer repair work must apply a suitable protective coating to the treatment area as part of a complete solution. Otherwise the underlying cause, for example moisture ingress, or failed waterproofing, will likely continue to affect the structure. You can engage the services of a specialist remedial engineer depending on the complexity of the work.

Cracking or flaking concrete

Concrete render that is bubbling.

Water leaks from a concrete roof or internal concrete walls.

Rust stains which appear to be leaking out from within the concrete

An engineer with experience in major civil & STRUCTURAL projects has the ability to tackle a wide range of concrete CANCER repair challenges in the built environment

Look for an engineer who can provide you with a range of options to best meet your project criteria.

Keep in mind that the quality of your concrete spalling repair and treatment will only be as good as the contractor you pick for the job and the concrete repairing system they use. Look for an engineer who works with established suppliers that have outstanding reputations with their products.

A capable engineer should be able to explain the concrete spalling repair procedure so you do not only compare the quote prices. Even the cheapest price with the lowest quality will keep you going for the standard term of 12 months warranty. Rusting is quite a slow process and is guaranteed to come back when not done right the first time. 

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