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Buildings, parking structures, bridges and the like deteriorate with time as the result of repeated loadings, exposure to the elements, aging of materials, inadequate maintenance, and other factors. They require care and treatment to ensure their safety and suitability. A remedial engineer can assist with structural investigations and the specification of remedial works in the residential, commercial and industrial sector.


Structural or building remediation refers to the carrying out of various works to repair, stop or remove defects from a structure’s construction by a consulting remedial engineer. Building defects are aspects of the construction works that are not in accordance with the contract. These can be defects in the design, the workmanship, and/or in the materials used resulting in a failure of a component part of a structure and causing damage to person or property, usually resulting in financial harm to the owner.

Building remediation covers a broad range of activities from remedial engineering for closed landfill sites, road and civil works, strata buildings, full building remediation repairs and rectification to insurance compliance orders that require the expertise of licensed building and construction professionals.


A remedial engineer is able to carry out structural condition assessment on all types of buildings and structures. He is able to identify potentially significant structural problems and develop a practical and cost-effective remedial solution to address any negative condition.

  • Waterproofing
  • Roofing Replacement
  • Foundation Reinforcement
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Home Warranty Claims
  • Facade Maintenance And Repair

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